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What happens after an app is submitted?


Waivers of Subrogation


Exclusion Forms (require notarizaiton)

Colorado Exclusion Form

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New Mexico Exclusion Form

New York Exclusion Form

Oregon Exclusion Form

South Carolina Exclusion Form

Submission Process

-This is an online process only. All submissions are processed using our website. All signatures are obtained electronically. Once data is entered, our system will populate the Accord app, Indemnity Agreement and Accident enrollment app and email them to the insured to obtain their electronic signature. The Accord app is then emailed to the retail agent to also sign electronically. The other two forms are countersigned by SolePro. Once all signatures are obtained, the agent will receive an email with a link to make the payment. We will include Officer Exclusion forms as needed. All forms must be signed and the policy paid in full within five (5) days of the effective date.

-The online application process should take no more than 20 minutes.

-The Accident Policy is a direct written policy and SolePro, Inc. will be listed as the Agent of Record. Your signature is not required.

-SolePro does not allow backdating. All signatures must be completed no later than 24 hours after the effective date.

-The premium must be processed no later than 48 hours after the effective date.

-All forms must be signed and the policy paid in full within five (5) days of the effective date.

-Beneficiary information is needed for the Accident policy. The insured may list themselves.

Making a payment

The Fully Earned Annual Premium must be paid online at the time of binding. You will make a payment on behalf of the insured once all documents are signed.

Only two forms of payment are accepted:
-Agency check (plus a $5.00 fee)
-The insured's Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Credit card (add 3.2% of the total premium fee)

We do not accept insured eChecks.

Financing is not offered or accepted, as these are fully earned minimum premium policies.

There are no refunds once payment is processed.

What happens after the app is submitted?

We will send the completed applications to the carrier for issuance of the policies. We will send you the binder/policy from Guarantee Insurance for the workers' comp upon receipt. (Time frames depend on the workloads of SolePro and Guarantee Insurance). Agents process their own COIs. Use a temporary binder number on your certs if necessary. Once issued, Guarantee will email the policy direct to the insured, and Combined Insurance will mail the Accident Policy directly to the insured. SolePro will email the agent a copy of the workers' comp policy. We do not receive copies of the Accident policy.


Commissions are paid by direct deposit to the agency. We pay 7% of the work comp premiums. We will pay the annual commissions when we receive commissions from Guarantee. No commissions are paid on the Accident Policy, as SolePro is the agent of record.

Waivers of Subrogation

WOS endorsements are granted by emailing the following information to

-Who is asking for the WOS?
-What is the description of the job?
-Job start/end dates

Endorsements are issued by Guarantee. A blanket WOS is not available. They are typically $50.00 for each WOS. Once endorsed, we will bill the agent for the additional premiums.

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